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Medical Services and Promiting Healthy Living 

Medical Service

We do medical services like checkups, consiltations and treatments. We have a physical clinic you can visit to or even call us to schedule an appointment with our doctors so you will be assessed right away.

Our Team

We have a team of licensed and experience doctor and specialists. Our staff are also accredited and learned towards how to handle patients. We are welcoming and very much concerned with your health. You can get more info on

Healthy Living

We really advice our patients to practice a healthy lifestyle. Diseases and ailments mostly come from unhealthy habits and ways of living so as medical staff, we want to change this.


Here at In Touch Life Sciences, we encourage you to live the healthy and right way that we studied with science and not just mere experiments.

Healthy living should be done the right way. There are lots of information on everyday way of healthy living such as the right diet, food plans, exercise routines and more. But as much as possible, we would like to prevent some misinformation by providing our patients health advice based on their medical records and findings. Research is good, but we do the research for you and together with the right checkup, we will advice the best way possible.

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Care for Patients







Don’t compromise your health

Get the right consultation, treatment and advice if you feel something unusual of uncomfortable. Our accommodating staff are very happy to welcome you and help you out in your concerns and conditions.

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