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Going into early labor is a scary thought. One way of figuring out if you are is if your body is having pre-labor contractions. These will obviously seem different to you because the feeling in your body isn’t quite what you’re used to during the prior months.

If you’re having these feelings, its okay to be excited, many women are. Most women really wonder if it really is their time to birth. Also, it’s not uncommon to wake up your spouse just because you can’t sleep anymore because of the excitement.

The contractions you are probably feeling are in the pelvis. You’re probably going through some sort of menstrual cramping or a slight backache. Don’t worry, these contractions, for the most part, are less than ten minutes apart. It’s also common for them to last up to a minute, but typically less.

What Are Some Warning Signs?

It would be a good idea if you have any of the symptoms listed below to contact your doctor quickly.

If you are having any sort of blood leak, you may want to get that checked out. If it is running down your thigh, give your doctor a call.

Although this is normal, you’ll still want to get it looked at but if your amniotic fluid is stained with Meconium, this needs a checkup

Fevers are never good, so if your temperature soars over one hundred degrees, schedule a checkup.

It can be painful, but if you are having very short, very sharp pains in the side of your stomach or abdomen, give your doctor a call.

Watch your blood pressure as this can be a sign something is wrong.

Random, out of the blue puking can be a warning.

Keep track of your baby’s movements. If these change or become abnormal, call your doctor.

Vaginal discharge that has an unpleasant odor needs to be checked.

Follow These Steps During Early Labor

Unless you really think you need medical attention, it’s always a good idea to stay at home. As difficult as it may be to get in the car and rush to the hospital, just call an ambulance in most cases. Remember, we’re speaking to early labor, not general labor.

Do you have any prior reported high risk factors during your pregnancy? If you don’t, laboring at home is the best to have a natural child birth. When you’re around a quiet place that you’ve become accustomed too, this will be the best environment for your baby.

Until you are fully ready to give birth, you might as well kill the time by cleaning the house, washing the dishes, playing with your balance bracelet, eating and maintaining your intake of water. It would even be a good idea to pack your hospital bag for when you really give birth.

Like most women, you are going to give birth at a hospital. If your contractions are between four and five minutes apart while lasting over one minute and have maintained that way for over an hour, you might just want to leave for the hospital. Until then, sit tight and wait for your time, just because you get to the hospital earlier, does not mean you’re going to get that baby out any faster!

Whatever is going to make you feel the best while you’re in the hospital, you may want to bring along with you. Anything to make you relax like a heat pad, music or pillows will be great to keep you calm and relaxed while that baby is coming!