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Halitosis or bad breath is one condition which no person wants to possess, because it often creates embarrassing situation for anyone having bad breath. It becomes a big put off for your friends, colleagues and family members. The main cause for halitosis or bad breath is a bacteria which thrives in your mouth and feed on the food particles struck in between the teeth and creates bad or foul smelling compounds because of which you have bad or foul smelling breath.

To check bad breath one must have proper oral hygiene which includes proper brushing of teeth and through cleaning of tongue.

How To Cure Bad Breath Permanently

Below are some helpful tips to help you curb that irritating and embarrassing bad breath:

(1) ORAL HYGIENE: Properly clean every nook and corner of your mouth because here is where the bacteria breed. Brush your teeth for at least three minutes to ensure that you have cleaned the cavities in between the teeth thoroughly. This will avoid bad breath to a large extent.

(2) DRINK LOTS OF WATER: The bacteria thrive in dry condition, therefore make sure that you drink lots of water to keep you mouth hydrated so as to avoid the breeding of bacteria.

(3) CLEAN YOUR TONGUE: Your tongue should be thoroughly cleaned, for this use a tongue cleaner, just brushing your teeth is not sufficient. The bad breath producing bacteria thrive on your tongue.

(4) EAT THE RIGHT DIET: Eat lots of fibrous fruits and vegetables. These are not just good for your health because of their fiber content and nutritious value but they clean your teeth as well while you eat them.

(5) KEEP A CHECK ON THESE: Foods rich in protein such as meat, milk, fish cheese apart from onions and garlic may also cause bad breath.

(6) NATURAL REMEDIES FOR BAD BREATH: Fresh parsley, aniseed or cloves are good to stop bad breath. Make a habit of keeping a piece of clove in your mouth especially after having your meals so as to avoid bad breath.

(7) AVOID BUILDING PLAQUE: Building of plaque on teeth is another major cause of bad breath. Munch apples, celery or carrots because their abrasive texture helps in preventing plaque build up on teeth thereby controlling bad breath.

(8) AVOID SNACKING: Do not snack in between your meals as this gives fodder to bacteria to feed on and you will end up with bad breath.

(9) GARGLE AFTER MEALS: As it is not possible to brush your teeth and clean your tongue every time after meal, make a habit of gargle with a good mouthwash after your meals. This will curb the menace of bad breath.

Bad Breath From Stomach

Hope the above listed tips prove useful for you in controlling the much embarrassing bad breath. Follow them and I am sure you will feel much fresh and confident the next time you are in a conversation with your boss, colleagues or girl friend.