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Efficiency is the goal of every business and often times the speed at which you work is determined by the software managing your chiropractic practice. Paper-based systems or using different programs to manage your appointments, billing and patient medical information are a waste of time. By streamlining your practice with an all-in-one software program, you and your staff can focus on duties other than administrative work.

Why Should I Streamline My Practice?

Simply put, streamlining allows your practice to produce faster and better medical evaluations and diagnoses. From a business standpoint, chiropractic software creates accelerated billing, faster collections and lowers the cost of office operations. It also eliminates paperwork and allows one system to manage everything inside your office.

Instant Medical Access

Chiropractors report that 20 percent of their day is spent taking notes and completing medical reports. Thanks to technological advances like the iPad and chiropractic EMR software, chiropractors can speed up that process. The hassle of paperwork can be removed by uploading electronic medical record software onto electronic tablets. EMRs remove the need to hand write notes and spend time at the end of a shift documenting the information for each patient.

There are numerous other advantages of using EMR software; they provide instant access to medical information, charts and diagrams. Chiropractors can take notes directly on X-rays or other images and store them for future use. Another advantage is that instead of spending time researching a particular complaint by a patient, immediate access to medical information allows you to make quick diagnoses.

Eliminate Extra Administrative Work

Paper is quickly becoming a thing of the past and that should be the case in your office as well. The tablet technology combined with chiropractic computer software also plays a role for patients. They check in using the tablet, and include why they are making the visit; this information is electronically passed to the chiropractor. On each subsequent visit by that patient their information is updated.

Doctors and patients are not the only ones who benefit from upgrading to an inclusive software system. This software helps improve the experience on the business end of a practice. It removes most of the paper typically associated with office management, which is an easy way to save money and time.

Inclusive software systems oversee your billing and scheduling systems. Regarding billing, the programming monitors collection information, e-billing and inventory. It will also reduce the reliance on paper and postage. The scheduling systems allows for quick updates of patient appointments and a way to control when your employees clock in and out each day.

Efficiency is the name of the game and by taking advantage of new technology, your practice can rely on one system to manage all aspects of the business.