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Medical lasers have been around for decades, yet their numerous uses are not known by the public at large.  While many are familiar with the application of lasers in eye surgery and tattoo removal, they do not know that medical lasers are used in a variety of other fields and procedures, from pain reduction to cosmetic surgery.  The following is a discussion of the various uses of medical lasers.

Cosmetic Surgery

The use of cosmetic lasers has become increasingly commonplace.  Now laser therapy is an accepted form of both body contouring and acne removal.

Acne removal: The dermaLASER is a low level laser that eliminates the bacterial problem at the root of acne.  Unlike messy tonics, lotions, and creams, the dermaLASER attacks the P. Acnes bacteria that cause the acne to develop in the first place.  This is an effective method because once the P. Acnes is killed, no new acne will develop.

o   The dermaLASER is a cold laser, unlike other laser acne treatments.  This means that the laser does not irritate the skin, or cause any sort of redness or swelling.  It targets only the bacterial infestation, not the skin itself.

Body contouring: Cold lasers have proven to be effective in targeting and eliminating fat in areas that are hard to get even with plenty of exercise and a nutritious diet.  Cold lasers are used in liposuction to liquefy fat cells before the procedure, making it faster and easier to remove the fat.

o   The use of cold lasers in liposuction procedures also reduces the recovery time for the patient, and reduces post-operation pain and bruising.  Because the laser reduces the pain, less pain medication will be required.

Pain Relief

Cold laser therapy for pain has proven effective in many cases.  In particular, cold lasers demonstrate effectiveness in relieving back and neck pain. Laser treatment for back pain relies on biostimulation.  Like acupuncture, low level laser therapy stimulates the nerves in order to strengthen the natural healing process.  Unlike acupuncture, however, cold lasers do not prick the skin, they simply pass through the epidermis and stimulate cells directly.

· Many patients find this treatment preferable to taking medications for pain relief.  Many pain medications are habit forming and leave the patient feeling either groggy or nauseous.  Laser therapy offers a less risky and more effective means of curing pain.  Patients typically report immediate pain relief, as well as a wider range of motion.